Champagne Tasting for Breast Cancer…

March 4th, 2009

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure to attend the Seventh Annual Tasting Stars Champagne Event.  Foodbuzz asked me to go.  They had me at Champagne but when I saw that this Event raises money for Breast Cancer Network of Strength Illinois, I definitely wanted to go.  This Breast Cancer charity is focused on helping women now who have breast cancer by organizing support services.  Many of the people I met have been supporters of this organization for years. It is an important charity to support.

The event was held in a private residence on Michigan.  The owners hired architects to design their apartment around the art collection, including the greatest part of the collection, the city of Chicago itself.  Sounds awesome?  It really is.  I walked in to discover a storm trooper in the living room!  The apartment was very open both to the city and within the apartment. The owners supplied maps of the apartment so you know the title and artist of the work.  An elevator takes you to the second floor where there is more art work.  The venue was amazing.  Every detail of the apartment seemed to have been thought out.

The event was very informal. Servers circulated food and champagne as the guests mingled and talked. Many of the guests have been coming to this event for years. They stopped about ever hour to have a live auction and raffle. The environment was very comfortable. Several people stopped me to make sure that I saw a certain piece of art or the bathroom (which was all mirrors!).

Now, the important part…the champagne and food! I tasted the different types of champagne and learned a little bit about it. Certain champagne, the more expensive ones, are made from one vintage of grapes and are aged for a certain time. It makes the flavor fuller. I liked tasting the different types but I was still drawn to the Rose. After an Affair to Remember, I love my pink champagne. The food was great. My favorites were the lamb chops, wild mushroom purses (photo above) and the duck crepes. Towards the end of the night, they circulated cute little pink cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries. Overall, I had a wonderful time. I met some really nice people and enjoyed the event. Thanks Foodbuzz for sending me!

Sushi for a Special Day!

March 1st, 2009

When J and I were in Argentina, everyone asked us how we met. We would look at each other and respond “at a friend’s party but we are working on a better story!” We haven’t come up with a better story… I think my favorite was that he saved me when we were skydiving because my parachute didn’t open… the chances of either of us skydiving is slim… hehe! I think we are more likely to be found flying the plane then jumping out of it….

J and I met a year ago … well, is it a year? We met on Leap Year Day! How does that work?  And although it was at a party, I think it is still a fabulous story. Neither of us were expecting anything.  In fact, both of us considered last minute not going to the party.  I was moving to Chicago in a few months.  But J walked in.  Apparently, my reaction was written all over my face.  He is HOT!!!!  and I have no poker face what so ever… later in the evening, we started talking and laughing… discovered that we had a similar sense of humor… that was just the beginning…

J came to visit over Valentine’s Day weekend. Although we said we weren’t going to celebrate the day, he got me gorgeous Lilies… my favorite! :) We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and an overall amazing weekend.

I’ve been wanting to make sushi. I used to make sushi with my European Mommy, who happens to be Korean. haha! Confused? When I was younger, my family lived in Switzerland. One of our close friends is Korean living in Switzerland because her husband is Swiss. When I was studying abroad in Rome, I started calling her my European Mommy, because I knew that if something happened, I could call her and she would come. EM taught me how to roll sushi. I love sitting with her in the kitchen rolling sushi and talking. I miss her! Hopefully, J and I can make it to Switzerland soon. When he was here, we went on an adventure and found some sushi grade salmon. Unfortunately, I’m completely out of practice. I should have called EM for a quick tutorial. It tasted great but I definitely forgot a few things. The presentation was not the best.  If you want to make sushi, I would check out use real butter.  She always makes some great rolls.

Blogger Aid Cookbook!

February 7th, 2009

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you a very important announcement…

The folks at BloggerAid, a group of bloggers dedicated to fighting world hunger, are putting together a cookbook to raise money for this cause. It is scheduled to be sold on Amazon in November/December and they are currently requesting submissions until February 12th. If you have a recipe you want to submit, please check out the details. This is an excellent cause to get involved in!  I sent over my recipe for the Chicken-Pear-Brie-Thyme Sandwich that my roommates love so much!

Stay tuned… more details as they unfold!