Argentina: Part I

January 28th, 2009

Wow! I can’t believe that we have been back from Argentina for three weeks. Where has the time gone? I was thrown back into real life so quickly. A few hours after returning, I was already reading cases and prepping for my first day of class. Now as I trudge through the snow to get to school, spend hours in the library studying and stress about finding a summer job, I remember something J said to me, “We will always have BA!”

How true he was! And I can’t wait to return. Our trip to Argentina was everything that we needed. After a stressful first semester, I needed to relax and that I did. Most days I slept until at least noon. When I would wake up, J and I would go in search of food…delicious food…Now, if Ginny is hungry, she starts to get grouchy. This happens to be a family trait. My mother is one of ten. Eight of which are girls. There are a few common traits among these girls, one of which being that they like their vittles. When my aunt was getting married, my mother drove up to DC with my aunt’s fiance (the groom). My mom hates to stop on a long car ride because she likes to get there quickly. My uncle, however, made her stop and get some food. My mom was slightly annoyed but he responded “You need to feed L’s girls!”

How true he was! We need to be fed! J has learned and he made sure I was very, very, well fed. I gorged myself on yummy dulce de leche desserts, tried crocodile (see above picture), ate steak, sampled every type of empanadas, found the best alfajores, fell in love with croissants filled with melted cheese and ham…everything was excellent…

Not only did we catch up on sleeping and eat a ton, we also explored Buenos Aires.  It was strangely familiar and yet completely new to me at the same time.  J and I walk a lot.  We explored many of the little neighborhoods on foot.  My favorite place in the city was the Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo. J and I went there at night when people spilled out of the bars into the Plaza, listening to musicians and dancing.  I also loved the art. Even the graffiti was art.  Sigh!  Can I go back now?

P.S. Check out my pictures here. Stay tuned for more about Argentina…including recipes…  Also, crocodile is yummy!  Tastes like fish!

Hola! Happy New Year!

January 14th, 2009

So, J and I are roaming around the streets of Buenos Aires and what do we spy but… a cake? unfrosted? just sitting on the sidewalk? Of course, we had to stop and take many a picture… why would someone leave a cake on the sidewalk? I’m so confused…what a waste! haha!

That was one of many amusing incidents from our trip. We had an amazing time. It was exactly what this stressed out law student needed after her first semester. I slept until at least noon, lazily explored the city, ate way too much and really relaxed. It was blissful. Photos, recipes (yes, we cooked too!) and more stories will be coming soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. Now, I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions. I like goals and I do have a list of things I would like to accomplish. But I have never felt that the New Year was the right day to suddenly begin anew for me. New Year’s has always been my dad’s birthday to me (Happy Belated Birthday Dad!). However, this year it was a bit different. Maybe it was having just finished my first semester, being on vacation or finally relaxing, but I found that I was very introspective and thinking of resolutions for the coming year. As part of it, I made some New Year Food Resolutions too…

1. In the coming year, I will learn to make:
a. Sushi
b. Curry
c. Sacher Torte
d. Macaroons

2. I will finish the posts that I often hint about involving souffles, glass blowing and empanadas.

3. I will go back to answering all my comments. I do read and really appreciate them all but unfortunately last semester sucked away my time.

That is about it for now…I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

P.S. As I mentioned earlier, over Christmas we made chocolate chip cookies. My mother uses the recipe from the Gold Medal Flour bag. This time, however, my sister chopped up two bags of Hershey’s miniatures (Chocolate, KRACKEL, SPECIAL DARK, MR. GOODBAR) and used them instead of chocolate chips. They were down right delicious.

Happy Halloween!!!!

October 31st, 2008

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! I hope everyone is having a fun filled, sugar high kind of Friday! I had the best surprise today…My Blogging by Mail package arrived from Julie of Monkee-in-the-Middle.

This is a fun event to participate…like a blogging Secret Santa.  Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness emailed us the name of another blogger and we were to send them 10 of our favorite things.  Now if I count correctly, Julie seems to have gone over the 10 item limit.  She sent me halloween candy, hot cocoa mix, teas, Lavender soap, pureology shampoo and conditioner, a bath set with body wash, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, biscotti, chocolate bars, thank-you cards, gift tags, notebooks, spiced stirring spoons…I love it all!  Thank you so much Julie!!!  It was such a wonderful surprise!