National Grilled Cheese Month…

April 15th, 2010

Now, if you have ever read this blog before, you have noticed my obsession with cheese especially grilled cheese… I just can’t get enough of them…

I was very excited to discover that it is National Grilled Cheese Month and even more excited to stumble across Panini Happy’s 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Pageant. I’m all for celebrating the deliciousness that is grilled cheese.  Check out the round-up.

I made a mango-cheddar grilled cheese tonight. Cheddar is my favorite cheese for a grilled cheese. The mango was inspired by Kevin‘s use of fruit in grilled cheeses and, frankly, the fact that I have a mango… It is a good combo… also, check out my Capresish Salad Grilled Cheese… what is your favorite grilled cheese combo?

Bacon, Shells and Peas…

February 8th, 2010

This is a family staple… My mom used to make this dish all the time… comforting and delicious… When Noble Pig mentioned her son liking peas but not with pasta, I thought of this dish.  We loved it as kids especially my brother… well, who turns down bacon?

I, of course, made a smaller portion and cut the butter… it was so good… resisting the urge to eat the rest…

Bacon, Shells and Peas

1 pack bacon- 12 to 16 oz
container of ricotta (15 oz.)
1 lb shell pasta
Box of frozen peas (10 oz)
Grated Romano Cheese
1 tbsp. butter

Cook the bacon until crispy and drain it on paper towels. Crumble it up once it is cool. Discard the bacon fat except for a tablespoon. Cook the frozen peas in the frying pan in the bacon fat. Cook the pasta as directed. Drain and stir in the butter, then about 1/2 the container of ricotta (or more to taste) and at least 1/2 cup grated romano. Then ad the bacon and peas. Season with pepper and perhaps salt but the bacon will be salty. Serve immediately with more cheese.


February 3rd, 2010

Oh, it’s Wednesday… Don’t really feel like writing much… so instead just something delicious… Labna or yogurt cheese…

I don’t know why I decided to make it except the photo looked delicious. I’m not that big of a yogurt fan but the cheese was amazing. I used this recipe. I marinated it in olive oil, cracked white pepper and some dried oregano. It was really good. I would definitely make it again!