Strawberry-Raspberry Vanilla Tart!

May 12th, 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! What did you do for your mom to show her you love her?

This is a perfect little tart to show mom some love… Strawberry-Raspberry Vanilla Tart!

I doubled the custard recipe without the amaretto from Cooking Light’s Raspberry-Topped Amaretto Tart and put it in this Vanilla Wafer Crust and piled on the strawberry and raspberries…

Project Pastry Queen: Lemon-Champagne Bars

September 19th, 2010

Ah, Lemons… Strawberries… Champagne… can you really go wrong with this combination?

It was my week to pick the challenge for Project Pastry Queen. I knew exactly what I wanted to make- Lemon-Champagne Bars with Strawberry Brulee Topping.

They have been flirting with me ever since I got the cookbook and they were delicious.  My only issue was trying to brulee by broiling ended up charring the top of the strawberries.  Next time, I would probably just forgo the brulee and pile on fresh berries.

Check out the recipe here and to see how everyone else fared check out the other members of Project Pastry Queen!

Introducing… Tasty (Kitchen) Tennis…

June 6th, 2010

Let us meet the contestants…

First, we have Aaron, master of bread baking and pizza throwing. He has a soft spot for bagels and breadsticks.  Then, we have Ginny, queen of chopping and carving.  She fights back with determination and creativity.

Before we get to the first match, let us review to the rules for those of you new to the game.  One contestant
picks a ingredient and the other a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert).  The contestants must make the meal and, you, the crowd, decide the winner of the round, plus if you want to join in (see the details at the end).

For this first round, Ginny said Strawberries and Aaron countered with lunch.  Ginny’s first serve, a strawberry-avocado-balsamic sandwich, came up short- hitting the net.  Ouch!

Next, Aaron had a perfect serve with Salmon Burger with Balsamic Strawberries and Onions. The balsamic strawberries were a ridiculously good addition to the sandwich— super sweet and tangy on top of the salmon.

Ginny volleyed it back with Strawberry-Tomato Gazpacho with Manchego Cheese Grilled Cheese. The strawberries lent a nice sweetness to the traditional tomato cold soup and went perfect with the grilled cheese.

So now, who you do you think won?  Please leave your answer below…

Don’t miss the second round in two weeks! These master (kitchen) tennis players will be back to bring you:  TOFU for DESSERT!

Please stay tuned!

Also, if you would like to participate in the next round, email ginnygetsfloury [at] gmail [dot] com by June 19, 2010, the name of your blog, its URL, the recipe and a photograph.  If you don’t have a blog, feel free to participate- just email me the recipe with a picture.  I’ll hope you join us for another round of Tasty (Kitchen) Tennis!