The Cookiepedia Review

October 10th, 2011

A perk of food blogging… free cookbooks! The latest cookbook to land on my door-step was the Cookiepedia.  This is a super cute cookbook for a beginning baker. It gives a nice overview on most of the classic cookies and a few I had never heard of (salt & pepper cookies?). She also adds some variations so a beginning baker can start to experiment with different combinations and flavors.

I chose three to try out: brownies, pecan sandies, and chocolate crinkle cookies… My results…

I started with Brownies because I love brownies and I can easily compare them to others.  The recipe was well written and easy to follow except the baking temperature is not easily discernible.  You see the cute little oven cartoon in the top right-hand corner?  That is where you find the temperature.   As for taste, the brownie was alright.  I wanted something that had more chocolate but these ended up being more like a chocolate cake.  The recipe’s introduction talked about the difference between fugdy and cakey brownies.  I think it would have been beneficial to have a variation for both.

Next up, Pecan Sandies.  The picture looked great… pecan shortbread with roasted pecans on top… but that is not what I got.  My cookies spread all over the place.  I had put them in the fridge to set up before baking.  It did not seem to work.  I think the butter may have been way too soft to achieve shortbread cookies (Caveat: I did halve the recipe).  I was dissappointed with these.

Finally, I made Chocolate Crinkle cookies.  Yummy!  Fudgy Goodness!  I love these cookies.  My only issue with the recipe was that it took longer than expected to bake.

Overall, cute cookbook but best for a beginner baker.

Disclaimer: The Cookipedia was sent to me to review by the publisher.

Browned Butter Bourbon Pecan Bars and a Giveaway Winner

February 22nd, 2011

If you make nothing else this year, MAKE THESE! You will not be disappointed!

Ever since I saw Ezra Pound Cakes’ Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Bars, I’ve had pecan bars on the brain…my mom sent me some pecans… a friend gave me some bourbon… the stars were aligning… except I was out of brown sugar and there was a blizzard outside…  But these were worth the wait!  I decided to change the recipe just a bit by browning the butter and not adding chocolate or coconut.  You may have picked up on it that I loved them.  They were buttery, caramely and rich… the bourbon added depth and I think I would try adding

Also, Congratulations to Kari for winning the CSN Giveaway! Thank you everyone for participating!

Christmas Cookies for your Dog!

December 19th, 2010

What do you do special for your pets over the holidays? Do you make a special meal? buy them presents? My family had stockings for our birds and every year Santa would bring them presents…

This year, I wanted to make Sam (Juan’s family’s dog) a special treat… He loves cheese… I decided on Cheesy Dog Treats… let’s see what he thought…

What? A person? but it smells like cheese… what is Ginny giving me?

mmm… well, my initial impression is favorable. It is a light flaky cookie with a hint of cheese.

Ginny, these are good!

Um, if you aren’t going to give me some more, I’m going to go back to staring out the window.

Later when Sam was given a choice between peanut butter and the cookies, he chose the cookies. They were a hit! Also, they are pretty good for your own consumption. You may want to add some salt but they were delicious in my Butternut Squash with Grains of Paradise Soup.  I halved the recipe but used three cups of flour.  I also did not use the garlic.