Before Summer is completely over…

August 26th, 2009

… I don’t want to forget to post this recipe.  So, run out and grab the last of the delicious summer yellow corn…  and then make this delicious Corn Soup with Roasted Corn Guacamole from epicurious.  The lime from the guacamole was perfect with the corn soup.  Make sure you do not over roast the corn.  The recipe says you can’t over roast but you can burn.  I did not use the jalapeño but I think it would be good either way. A nice summery soup and good leftover.  Enjoy!

Sandwich Sunday #2

August 1st, 2009

It is Sunday already??? Honestly, this week went so incredibly FAST! It seems like only yesterday, I was posting my first Sandwich Sunday Post! This week, I sorted through the Sandwich archives and came up with this one… Ginny and Juan’s Awesome Sandwich…

Now, I know that I frequently talk about Juan and sometimes I can probably get kinda gushy… but honestly this man is just so perfect for me…

This sandwich came about one morning during spring break… I woke up wanting alfalfa sprouts and avocado… telling this to Juan.. led to a grocery store trip… some laughter, silliness and a serious cheese discussion later… we came home with avocados… alfalfa sprouts… tomatoes… swiss cheese… fresh bread… yumminess!!!!

We toasted the bread and melted the cheese a bit… it was great! Exactly what I wanted  The swiss cheese was a perfect sharp compliment to the avocado… Delicious!

P.S. For another sandwich idea… check out the Spinach and Artichoke Croquette Sandwich from Jackie.  Also, if you have a sandwich idea… please email it to me (ginnygetsfloury [at] gmail [dot] com) and I’ll post it next Sunday…

California dreamin…

June 15th, 2008

On such a summer day? It is finally summer and I find myself craving avocados alot. Last night as I was roaming the aisles of the grocery store, pondering what to make and searching for inspiration…I kept coming back to this comfort food sandwich that my mother makes quite frequently. The combination of the creamy avocado with the juicy grilled chicken breast is delicious. So I made it last night for dinner and again for lunch today. Problem is…I still want more avocado…

A couple weeks ago, Lore of Culinarty tagged me to write a 6 word memoir. Even as I sit here poised to write it, I am uncertain of what to say….

Critical (mostly of myself)

I am not going to tag anyone but if you are interested…consider yourself tagged!

Mom’s California Sandwich

1 chicken breast
2 tablespoons of white worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon dried rosemary
1/4 of an avocado, sliced
1 poppy seed bun
mayo to taste and preference

1. Marinate chicken breast for at least an hour with the worcestershire sauce and rosemary.
2. Grill chicken breast.
3. Toast bun.
4. Spread bun with mayo and place slices of avocado.
5.Top with Chicken Breast and top of bun.
6. Slice and eat!

P.S. As the summer takes off, so does my life. I am finishing my job, going to Ireland on vacation, moving to Chicago and starting law school…all the while trying to find as much time to spend with my friends and family as possible. This will limit my blogging but I will post when I have a chance…just a warning, if I go quiet, it is not for lack of thinking of you all…but life is getting busy. Of course, I will continue to read your posts because really nothing goes better with my morning coffee than a slew of tempting and mouthwatering dishes…