Without Further Ado…

February 16th, 2010

… I would like to present my Food Blogging Mentees…

Dot of Foodcent’s hails from lovely Colorado. She graces us with product reviews, food savings tips and some recipes, while ultimately keeping in mind the goal of eating healthy and loving yourself.

Ashley of Smashedpotatoe, a recent college grad, loves pumpkin, baking to de-stress, cooking and Wordless Wednesdays.

I will be mentoring them for the next couple months as part of Adopt-A-Blogger #4 (yes, apparently, I’ve been doing this enough to mentor). So please, jump on over to their blogs and welcome them into the food blogging family…

Carrot-Ginger Soup
(idea from here)

2 garlic cloves, smashed
1 small onion, chopped
2 in. ginger, fresh and chopped
1 tablespoon olive oil
12 oz. bag frozen carrots
3 cups chicken broth

In a stock pot, heat the olive oil. Saute the onion until soft. Add the ginger and garlic for about a minute. Put in the frozen carrots and the chicken broth. Bring the broth to a boil. Boil until tender. In batches, puree until fine in a food processor. Be careful because hot liquid can expand in the food processor (and I’ve read, even explode!). Or use an immersion blender (Thanks, Mom!). Serve with some goat cheese and good bread.

Trying something new…

January 16th, 2010

In keeping with my culinary new year’s resolutions, I tried my hand at making Chicken Tikka Masala… which is on the Omnivore’s 100 list… notice the new cute little link on the left hand side that will take you to my updated list so you can see my progress… another new thing I learned to do in my never ending quest to understand html code…

The Tikka Masala was a lot of fun to make… my apartment smelled deliciously of all the spices… it was easier than expected. I used the recipe from Saveur… I followed it almost perfectly except for the coriander and cumin seeds. I used about 1/2 teaspoon of coriander powder and 1/4 teaspoon of cumin powder instead… The dish turned out great and I’ve been consuming leftovers for most of my meals…

P.S. For another version, check out Joelen‘s… something about great minds…

The Thanksgiving Feast!

November 27th, 2009

My friends and I served up quite the thanksgiving feast…

We made sure to cover all our traditional favorites…

Chicken (or Turkey) and Dressing Casserole

My Mom’s Stuffing

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Green Bean Casserole

Sweet Potatoes (recipe coming)

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Cranberry Sauce

Pumpkin Crunch

Pecan Pie

Chocolate Chess Pie

My Mom’s Stuffing
Melt about 1/2 stick margarine or butter in frying pan. Chop one large onion and about 4 to five large stalks of celery. Saute. Sprinkle with leaf thyme (Mom does this until it smells right- I used about 2 teaspoons). now the fun part: Using about 8 slices of white bread (wonder type) Put it in the colander and run tap water over it and squish it up with your hands. Then add to the frying pan and stir it around to mix the onions/celery. Now I stuff the turkey but you could do as I said above. Probably use about a cup of broth and then bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. You probably should cover it loosely with foil so it doesn’t dry out.