Macaroons… Take II!

May 27th, 2010

Perhaps I was a little too confident after my Macaroon Success but this time it did not go as smoothly. Do not let these pretty little macaroons deceive you… I managed to make four nice macaroons… after a lot of frustration with the pastry bag and the batter consistency… I almost threw it all out but Juan had an ingenious idea to help so I was able to slightly salvage this batch…

I made Chocolate Macaroons with Dulce de Leche filling.  I did not diligently sift the almond flour mixture as much as I did last time… won’t do that again…  Also, this time, I folded one too many times… a little flatter then I want… However, my biggest problem was using the wrong pastry bag tip… the batter kept getting stuck and came out all strange… oh well… I’ll know better for next time… this weekend?

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