Cooking Light…in the Summer’s Heat…

July 11th, 2010

For the record, I am having a wonderful summer. I love my job! I love being back in DC! I love seeing Juan almost every day! having time to cook! hanging out with friend! reading for fun! oh, the list goes on and on…

however, last week it was brutally hot… now, having grown up in NC, I do know a thing or two about being hot but… it was oppressive…especially when there is no AC on the metro (I have about a 45 minute ride)… I did not want to cook at all… but my sister was coming up and I promised dinner… ugh!

Resa pulled through with a number of suggestions from Cooking Light that were fresh, delicious and light… perfect for the summer heat!

We made Grilled Chicken with Cucumber- Melon Salsa and Chocolate-Amaretti Peaches for dessert. The salsa was amazing. The melons were so ripe that it was unnecessary to add any agave nectar. The peaches did not disappoint- it was a perfect dessert.  I only used about a tablespoon of butter and we found them to still be delicious!  Overall, a very refreshing dinner!

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