Going Local… down to the Carolinas…

August 27th, 2010

Oh the South, land of lots and lots of humidity… when flipping through our pictures from our vacation, I realized that we didn’t take many… only about 10… why, you ask? well, every time we brought out the camera, the humidity would fog up the lens giving up some blurry artsy photographs…

However, we did eat some delicious food… we started in Chapel Hill to show Juan around my hometown… then traveled to Charleston (Good call Gale!)… ended up in Greenville to see my parents before heading back to DC… In typical Ginny and Juan fashion, we roamed around exploring and eating.  It was a really nice vacation, although too short!  While devouring some delicious crepes and fresh made guac at Queen Street Grocery in Charleston, we were struck with the amount of local small businesses we were patronizing… A list of our favorites…

Weaver Street Market- My favorite market in Chapel Hill!

The Chapel Hill Creamery- We followed a gravel road, saw the cows and had our pick of fresh cheeses.  I personally loved the Carolina Moon- a brie-like cheese- that we destroyed with Lemon-Rosemary Weaver Street bread.

Queen Street Grocery- Crepes! Guacamole!  Need I say more. It was delicious!  The food was made with care and it was excellent.  I would highly recommend it!

Firefly Vodka- A local distillary that makes Sweet Tea Vodka (mixed with lemonade- oh my!). The tea comes from the only tea plantation in America, Charleston Tea Plantation- The makers of the vodka also make wines out of Muscadine Grapes (photo above). We visited both places and, of course, tried the various beverages. I do not like sweet wine so the wine was not for me but everything else was very good. I loved learning how tea is actually grown and processed.

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