Project Pastry Queen: Seventh Heaven Truffle Chocolate Cake

September 12th, 2010

After the bacon takedown, I was exhausted and did not think I was going to manage the Project Pastry Queen Challenge today… Last night, however, I found myself flipping through cookbooks and really wanting to get back into the kitchen again (Juan had to talk me out of buying some chestnut flour to make gnocchi)… plus, I’ve been craving a good chocolate cake for awhile now… So I make a 1/3 of the recipe in an 8X8 pan. It is delicious! Unfortunately, I seem to have left my beaters in DC so my layers and filling were not as fluffy but it tasted really good. Exactly what I needed.

Thanks Sarah for the pick! Check out everyone else’s on the Project Pastry Queen Blog Roll!

One Response to “Project Pastry Queen: Seventh Heaven Truffle Chocolate Cake”

  1. amanda @ fake ginger on September 13, 2010 4:16 pm

    Glad to hear it was delicious! I skipped this week but I definitely want to go back and make it again sometime.

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