My Trip to Brussels!!!

October 31st, 2010

My opportunity to go to Brussels came out of the blue… I had a few hours to make the decision…

took a quick look at my schedule… had nothing that couldn’t be rescheduled… I booked a flight… packed in fifteen minutes and went off to the airport…
It was worth it! I spent a week eating delicious food, exploring the Belgian countryside and viewing some of my favorite Northern European artists.
How can you not love a country that considers a small breakfast- croissant, chocolate cake and coffee!  Besides the traditional, chocolate, beer, mussels and waffles, Juan and I found some places that had excellent food, although untraditional. My favorites included: t’oost in Bruges (I loved the Juan’s smoked salmon sandwich), Switch and L’Entre des Artistes.

I also visited the famous paterssiere Wittamer… The Raspberry Tart was my favorite!

One day I took a day trip out to Geraardsbergen in the flemish part of Belgian.  Although I don’t speak Flemish and no one speaks English, I managed to order their famous Mattetaarten pastry (yes, I went there just to try the pastry!).  It was good but not my favorite.  It was filled with a ricotta like filling.  They also serve coffee with a very strong liquor Advokaat.  It was custardy and pretty good.

of course, one can’t go to Brussels without having some cheese. This was a Chimay cheese. Strong but good! ok, I’m sensing a pattern…

Finally, you have to see the Mannequin Pis when you go to Brussels.  Juan and I did not get the hype but we did find the use of it on the Coke machine entertaining.

Everyone should go to Brussels… trust me!  You will like it!

2 Responses to “My Trip to Brussels!!!”

  1. FoodCents on November 2, 2010 10:36 am

    I didn’t realize how much of a last minute trip it was. LOVE IT, G!!!!

  2. Reminiscing… with Flemish Stew at on November 21, 2010 9:14 pm

    [...] I miss it! With exams coming, I’ve been thinking about my amazing trip. I made some Flemish stew in the [...]

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