The best steak I’ve ever had!

January 29th, 2011

I know it is a bold statement but I’m not lying… that steak, 55 day dry aged in a salt cave, was amazing! It was tender, juicy and down right delicious!

My brother is visiting Chicago for the first time this weekend… to celebrate his birthday, we went to David Burke’s Primehouse… from start to finish we were astounded by the quality of the food, service and atmosphere.  We were started off with a cheddar popover cooked in a metal measuring cup… a simple and fun presentation.  I love popovers, so of course, I was already happy with this restaurant.

For our first course, we had Wagyu Beef Sashimi served carpaccio style on a himalayian salt block, veal bone marrow and Cesar salad. They make the Cesar salad at the table to our specifics… It was all great. I loved the addition of salt that the Himalayan Salt Blockimparted on the beef.

Our second course was the steak- a 55 days dry aged ribeye and the south side fillet in the bone.  I loved that ribeye!  yum!  Joe liked both.  He kept trying to pick a favorite but failed…he just enjoyed them so much!  I’ve never seen him this happy.  For the sides, we picked the mushrooms and the gnocchi.  I would recommend the mushrooms but not the gnocchi.  They were a little bland.

Finally, the dessert course… Somehow, we managed to eat a little more… Joe picked the banana split with salted caramel chocolate ice cream made on Himalayan Salt Block, caramelized bananas, roasted pineapples and pecans. I had the doughnuts. They also brought us a delicious devil food cake for Joe’s birthday. I would recommend the banana split and the cake… the doughnuts weren’t anything great.

Beside excellent food, I was very impressed with the service- everyone was very courteous and friendly but not overly attentive.  Overall, I would recommend this restaurant for special occasion.

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