Browned Butter Bourbon Pecan Bars and a Giveaway Winner

February 22nd, 2011

If you make nothing else this year, MAKE THESE! You will not be disappointed!

Ever since I saw Ezra Pound Cakes’ Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Bars, I’ve had pecan bars on the brain…my mom sent me some pecans… a friend gave me some bourbon… the stars were aligning… except I was out of brown sugar and there was a blizzard outside…  But these were worth the wait!  I decided to change the recipe just a bit by browning the butter and not adding chocolate or coconut.  You may have picked up on it that I loved them.  They were buttery, caramely and rich… the bourbon added depth and I think I would try adding

Also, Congratulations to Kari for winning the CSN Giveaway! Thank you everyone for participating!

One Response to “Browned Butter Bourbon Pecan Bars and a Giveaway Winner”

  1. Mom on February 28, 2011 1:41 pm

    These do look yummy. As much as I love chocolate, I like to make things like this for a change.

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