Sushi for a Special Day!

March 1st, 2009

When J and I were in Argentina, everyone asked us how we met. We would look at each other and respond “at a friend’s party but we are working on a better story!” We haven’t come up with a better story… I think my favorite was that he saved me when we were skydiving because my parachute didn’t open… the chances of either of us skydiving is slim… hehe! I think we are more likely to be found flying the plane then jumping out of it….

J and I met a year ago … well, is it a year? We met on Leap Year Day! How does that work?  And although it was at a party, I think it is still a fabulous story. Neither of us were expecting anything.  In fact, both of us considered last minute not going to the party.  I was moving to Chicago in a few months.  But J walked in.  Apparently, my reaction was written all over my face.  He is HOT!!!!  and I have no poker face what so ever… later in the evening, we started talking and laughing… discovered that we had a similar sense of humor… that was just the beginning…

J came to visit over Valentine’s Day weekend. Although we said we weren’t going to celebrate the day, he got me gorgeous Lilies… my favorite! :) We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and an overall amazing weekend.

I’ve been wanting to make sushi. I used to make sushi with my European Mommy, who happens to be Korean. haha! Confused? When I was younger, my family lived in Switzerland. One of our close friends is Korean living in Switzerland because her husband is Swiss. When I was studying abroad in Rome, I started calling her my European Mommy, because I knew that if something happened, I could call her and she would come. EM taught me how to roll sushi. I love sitting with her in the kitchen rolling sushi and talking. I miss her! Hopefully, J and I can make it to Switzerland soon. When he was here, we went on an adventure and found some sushi grade salmon. Unfortunately, I’m completely out of practice. I should have called EM for a quick tutorial. It tasted great but I definitely forgot a few things. The presentation was not the best.  If you want to make sushi, I would check out use real butter.  She always makes some great rolls.

2 Responses to “Sushi for a Special Day!”

  1. VeggieGirl on March 1, 2009 10:39 am

    Aww, so lovely!!! I wish you two a lifetime together :-)

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