Welcome to the new Just Get Floury!!!

September 14th, 2008

Welcome to my new blog!!! As if moving to Chicago and starting law school was not enough, I decided to move my blog on over to www.justgetfloury.com… The past couple weeks have been very busy with starting school. I feel like all I ever do is read cases and then more cases. But I love it!!! Unfortunately, I never seem have time to cook much…

Tonight, however, I made some yummy pasta for dinner!  I used Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for slow roasted tomatoes. They are so good…just throw over some pasta, sprinkle with cheese and you have a really great dinner!

9 Responses to “Welcome to the new Just Get Floury!!!”

  1. VeggieGirl on September 14, 2008 4:02 pm

    I’m LOVING the new site!!

  2. Manggy on September 14, 2008 10:34 pm

    Oh… I thought you physically moved again! Ha ha ha. Your new “home” looks great! And with your own domain too! ;)

  3. Elle on September 16, 2008 10:24 am

    Not only does your dinner look good, so does your new home! I love the new place and what you’ve done with it!

  4. Sylvie on September 16, 2008 2:09 pm

    Looking good, Ginny.

  5. Blond Duck on September 16, 2008 2:16 pm

    I just found your blog from Lore’s Culinarty! I love the slow roasted tomatoes! They look great!

  6. gattina on September 18, 2008 5:30 am

    wow, eye-popping!

  7. lacey on September 19, 2008 11:59 am

    the photos (and food!) are gorgeous!

    what kind of camera do you use?

  8. admin on September 20, 2008 8:09 am

    Veggiegirl- thank you!

    Manggy- oh, no more real moving for me anytime soon! thanks! :)

    elle- thank you! :)


    blond duck- so glad you could come on over! they are amazing!

    gattina- thank you!

    lacey- I use a Canon Power Shot SX100 IS, if that means anything to you. It has an excellent macro lens.

  9. LyB on September 23, 2008 4:30 pm

    Very cool! And I love slow roasted tomatoes too. :)

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