How to train a dragon…

March 30th, 2010

so, last week was spring break. I went off to visit Juan for the week, only to get hit with a ridiculously horrible annoying illness… What was probably a simple cold was amplified by weeks of little sleep and tons of stress. I spent the week sleeping, watching TV (GO BUTLER!) and reading for fun… I know! shocking! I think my body decided I needed a break.

On one of the few occasions I left the house and pjs, Juan took me to see How To Train Your Dragon.  Now, I am really not one to recommend movies but I really liked it.  I’ve seen both Avatar and Alice in Wonderland but this is BY FAR the best 3D movie that I’ve seen.  Not only were the visual effects excellent but it had a really well written script and did not rely on 3D effects or star power to carry the movie. It was entertaining, refreshing and delightful. I highly recommend.

Unfortunately, my taste buds suffered because of being ill.  I craved just solid good comfort food.  I made Elle’s Amazing Oven Fried Chicken again to rave reviews.  Such a healthy way to make delicious chicken. I also highly recommend!

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to promote How to Train Your Dragon.

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