Chocolate Mousse Cake

June 21st, 2010

(recipe by Aaron)

2lbs silken tofu (important! If it is too firm the mousse will be more like cheese)
1box unsweetened bakers chocolate
1 bar 70% cacao chocolate
11/2 cups sugar
1 tbs vanilla

1 package Oreo cookies
1tbs sugar
3tbs butter

1. Empty the tofu into a strainer, and pat down with paper towels. Let dry for at least 30 min.
2. Empty the Oreos into a cuisinart or just crush them in a large zuploc bag.
3. Add the butter, melted, and sugar into the Oreos.
4. Place the Oreo mixture into a 9″ springform pan,patting down until firm, leaving a 1 inch crust up the sides.
5. Bake the crust at 350 degrees for five to six minutes.
6. Empty the chocolate into a double boiler and melt it until smooth.
7. Empty the drained tofu into a cuisinart and pulse until very smooth, then add chocolate and vanilla. If you don’t have a cuisinart a whisk would also work.
8. Pour tofu mixture into the crust and chill in the refridgerator for at least an hour. Cover with mini chocolate chips if desired, or whipped cream.

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