Stuffed Squash Blossoms

July 18th, 2010

1 pack of squash blossoms- I found them at whole foods
3/4 cup of ricotta
7 eggs
1/4 cup flour
1/2 bread crumbs
2 cups vegetable oil
1 tbsp oregano
1 tbsp thyme
1 tbsp milk
1 tsp salt

1. put the oil in a large sauce pan or wok on medium heat
2. whisk together five of the eggs and the milk, salt, and pepper to taste
3. soft scramble the eggs until still a little runny, then set aside to cool.
4. when eggs are cool, mix in the ricotta and thyme, making sure they are fully mixed.
5. Using either a spoon or frosting gun, stuff about 1 tbsp of the egg mixture into each flower.
6. whisk together the remaining eggs in a bowl.
7. Mix together the oregano and bread crumbs.
8. using your stuffed flours, with the stems as a handle, cover each blossom in the egg, then flour, then bread crumbs.
9. dip the blossoms into the oil- it should be slightly smoking at this point.
10. remove when crumbs are brown on each side, placing them on a paper towel to dry.
11. Salt to taste.

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