My Trip to Brussels!!!

October 31st, 2010

My opportunity to go to Brussels came out of the blue… I had a few hours to make the decision…

took a quick look at my schedule… had nothing that couldn’t be rescheduled… I booked a flight… packed in fifteen minutes and went off to the airport…
It was worth it! I spent a week eating delicious food, exploring the Belgian countryside and viewing some of my favorite Northern European artists.
How can you not love a country that considers a small breakfast- croissant, chocolate cake and coffee!  Besides the traditional, chocolate, beer, mussels and waffles, Juan and I found some places that had excellent food, although untraditional. My favorites included: t’oost in Bruges (I loved the Juan’s smoked salmon sandwich), Switch and L’Entre des Artistes.

I also visited the famous paterssiere Wittamer… The Raspberry Tart was my favorite!

One day I took a day trip out to Geraardsbergen in the flemish part of Belgian.  Although I don’t speak Flemish and no one speaks English, I managed to order their famous Mattetaarten pastry (yes, I went there just to try the pastry!).  It was good but not my favorite.  It was filled with a ricotta like filling.  They also serve coffee with a very strong liquor Advokaat.  It was custardy and pretty good.

of course, one can’t go to Brussels without having some cheese. This was a Chimay cheese. Strong but good! ok, I’m sensing a pattern…

Finally, you have to see the Mannequin Pis when you go to Brussels.  Juan and I did not get the hype but we did find the use of it on the Coke machine entertaining.

Everyone should go to Brussels… trust me!  You will like it!

UPDATED: Where is Ginny?

October 18th, 2010

Does the above picture give you a hint? what about chocolate? beer? waffles?

Yep, I’m in Brussels. It was an out of the blue trip but I’m here. I know today I was going to decide the winner to my giveaway but… that will have to wait… You will have until Friday now to enter! Enjoy!

Updated:  I’m back!  The trip was lovely.  Now I’m recovering and busy with school.  The winner of the giveaway was Tammy.  Congratulations!  I’ll get cooking soon!

Roasted “Streetcorner” pasture chicken! yum!

October 12th, 2010

Apparently, I’ve been making people (a.k.a. my mom!) nervous with receiving a box of POM (which some people read to be a different word…do you see it?) and meeting a guy on the corner for bacon… well, I have another one to add to the list… meeting a guy on the corner for some chicken!  I’m glad I did!  It was some delicious chicken.

Through the Tasting Table, I discovered Paulie’s Pasture- a poultry farm.  I started following him on twitter out of interest but did not think much of it.  Until he tweeted me, asking if I wanted some chicken… he would deliver it!  Sure!  I like chicken and I’ve been having a hankering to roast one lately.

He met me on Michigan with a nice little chicken (4 or 5 pounds?) and a dozen eggs.  A really nice man who is very passionate about selling high quality chicken, who are allowed to act like chickens.

When it came to roasting, I wanted something simple that would not overwhelm the flavor of the chicken.  Normally, I like the Barefoot Contessa chicken with lots and lots of butter under the skin but… that seemed unnecessary with fresh, pasture-fed chicken.  I decided upon Thomas Keller’s Favorite Roast Chicken.  It is very simple with salt and pepper.  I did stuff it with my mom’s stuffing but I could have done without it.  The chicken was great.  It was moist and delicious!  I ate a lot and still had so much left over (which I used too!  You’ll have to wait!).  Next time I want to roast a chicken, I know who to call!

P.S. Please enter my giveaway!