Spring Cleaning…

April 2nd, 2010

… the sun is shining in Chicago! It is beautiful! I can’t wait to run my errands and dance around outside… This morning I was doing some spring cleaning. I cleaned the apartment, reorganized the closet and did some laundry. I opened the windows to let the breeze in… It feels great!

On the theme of spring cleaning… here is a picture I took a long long time ago and never posted… this is how I like my eggs… I slice a tomato, make some toast and make two sunny side up eggs. I like to flip them over at the end just to semi-cook the top but keeping the yolk runny. I sprinkle with truffle salt and pepper… also, sometimes a little olive oil. It is a very delicious combination for a quick dinner- in fact, I had it last night.

Enjoy the sun!

How to train a dragon…

March 30th, 2010

so, last week was spring break. I went off to visit Juan for the week, only to get hit with a ridiculously horrible annoying illness… What was probably a simple cold was amplified by weeks of little sleep and tons of stress. I spent the week sleeping, watching TV (GO BUTLER!) and reading for fun… I know! shocking! I think my body decided I needed a break.

On one of the few occasions I left the house and pjs, Juan took me to see How To Train Your Dragon.  Now, I am really not one to recommend movies but I really liked it.  I’ve seen both Avatar and Alice in Wonderland but this is BY FAR the best 3D movie that I’ve seen.  Not only were the visual effects excellent but it had a really well written script and did not rely on 3D effects or star power to carry the movie. It was entertaining, refreshing and delightful. I highly recommend.

Unfortunately, my taste buds suffered because of being ill.  I craved just solid good comfort food.  I made Elle’s Amazing Oven Fried Chicken again to rave reviews.  Such a healthy way to make delicious chicken. I also highly recommend!

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to promote How to Train Your Dragon.

Feasting on Art…

March 28th, 2010

… I love art!  On our first date, Juan asked me what I considered Art and why I loved it so much.  I remember it threw me at the time because a). it is so rare to have someone ask you a serious question on a first date (bonus points for Juan); and b). I had never thought really thought about it- it just makes me happy – it is a feeling.

My father is a painter and has always encouraged my interest in art.  He would take me to art exhibits and ask me questions about what we saw.  He would buy me canvases and let me play with acrylics, watercolors or pastels.  I have always liked that it is something we share.  Even now, when I find a new artist I like, I tell my Dad.

After college, I realized how important art was in my life as I was always in DC at a new exhibit.  I would miss it and crave it.  Then I stumbled across a discipline called Art Law- suddenly, I knew my calling.  Telling someone that ultimately I want to be an art attorney tends to lead to one question- What is that?

Well, it is many many different things from representing artists, dealers, art insurers, and museums to prosecuting art theft and archeological destruction.  I am still figuring out how I would like to work art into my legal practice but… I love learning about it and it keeps me motivated at school… This summer, I will be working in DC in a very awesome art related legal internship.  I’m very excited!

I made this cake for Feasting on Art‘s Birthday Blog Celebration.  I really enjoy reading her blog because it is wonderful intersection of art and food- two things I love.  I decided on Gattina’s Lemon Cake with sliced strawberries. She also has a beautiful blog worth checking out. The cake turned out good but I did not like the consistency. It may have been my mistake though because I added the flour mixture to the lemon juice… as the daughter of scientists… baking soda + lemon juice = a flat cake… but it was devoured quite quickly…